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The Music Studio

The Music Studio's full SEO brings them many new students every year. Along with it's content management system, this website remains updated and informative to their clients.
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An Updated Look

While The last website we designed and built for The Music Studio worked very well for the client for the last few years, this new design feels fresh and modern, while also introducing some new functionality that suits The Music Studio's needs better.

Project Image


Our designer has used various shades of blue throughout this design, continuing on The Music Studio's branded colours. These colours are neat and professional.


We have used a classic serif font for the headings and a modern sans-serif for the body text. Both of these fonts are web safe and optimized for screen viewing.

Project Image

Top Portion

The top of the website has been completely revamped from The Music Studio's old design so that everything is cleaner and better organized. At the top right corner is the highlighted logo, immediately establishing the who and what behind this website. To the right are two navigations: the main navigation and the smaller secondary navigation.

Actionable Items

Below the jQuery rotator are four actionable items. One of the key purposes to any effective landing page is that it directs users where to go next. These actionable items help accomplish that goal. Each item stands out with it's own photo. GeekPower opted to focus the actionable items on more specific programs The Music Studio offers. Instead we have used the jQuery slides to outline the different age groups.

A Better News Section

One problem The Music Studio had with their old website was a messy look on the home page due to the News and Events section. Now that the new website is built on a better system, this area can be much better organized.

Drop Down Menu

The Music Studio's old website menu was a but clunky and hard to navigate. With a beautiful new CSS drop down menu, content will be much easier to organize, browse and find.

jQuery Rotator

This new image rotator packs a much bigger punch than The Music Studio's text based one on their previous website.


This is the perfect spot for The Music Studio to outline the age groups they offer music classes to, or to highlight promotions or upcoming events.

In Conclusion

This new design gives The Music Studio a contemporary web presence which is both beautiful and functional. With a completely new look and more thought put in to organization and usability, this new site is sure to last a number of years more.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact our creative director.

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