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The Campus

Our goal was to create a interface that would be both welcoming and easy to use. Even with all the complex functionality packed in, this website remains intuitive and welcoming.
Project Showcase

Reaching Out

The Campus Church's main goal with the website was to reach as many people as possible and broadcast their sermons farther around the world. GeekPower designs and built this sleek and innovative interface to help meet their goals.

Project Image


The colours of this design are warm, but also muted to allow the content to be the main focus. Since this website is so image driven, colour is added through the many thumbnails and header images.


This design uses a square display font for it's headings to add some character, but compliments it with a much more refined sans-serif for the body text.

Project Image

Custom Menu

This drop down menu is anything but typical! Not only does this menu allow the for navigation the website as a whole, it also displays other relevant information without the user ever having to click.

Content Feed

There is always tons of stuff going on at The Campus and they needed a way to keep their website visitors updated at a glance. GeekPower designed for them feed on their home page that grabs all the latest entries on the website. This includes blog posts, pictures, upcoming events and sermon videos.

Video Section

GeekPower built a complex media system which The Campus could keep updated themselves through the backend. The system automatically sorts videos in to series and embeds them in to functional pages where users can watch the videos and even share them on Facebook or Twitter.

Logo Design

The icon of the Bible in the middle portrays a Christ-centered church community. The Bible interconnects with the other shapes, representing the individual campuses. The shapes are in different places and of various sizes, but they are all united by the center. The campuses are reaching out in opposite directions, depicting continual growth. The clean and angular lines of the icon compliment the typeface selection its contemporary style characterize The Campus' modern take on what a church should be.

jQuery Header

This large header at the top of the home page visually nails down the entire site and creates a great first impression. This jQuery animated slideshow rotates between slides automatically or by using the arrows on the sides.


For content that really needs to be front and centre, a slide in the jQuery is often one of the first things a user will see upon visiting a website.

In Conclusion

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