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Roland's Desserts

Roland's Desserts a digital presence which not only completely captures the sugary sweetness of their products, but also features E-Commerce functionality to sell them.
Project Showcase

Sweet Design

Taking inspiration from the style of the logo, our designer created this online presence for Roland's Desserts filled with vintage charm. With it's sweet graphics, stylized textures and charming typography, this design is sure to make an impression.

Project Image


This design uses a combination of friendly pinks alongside warm browns and accented with creamy pale yellows. These colours are inviting and comforting, with a sprinkle of vibrancy.


We have selected two typefaces for this design: A swirly hand-written font for the headings and a simple sans-serif for the body text. These two fonts compliment each other perfectly, and are also completely web safe.

Project Image

Top & Main Navigation

Roland's logo appears right at the top of the page, immediately establishing not only who's website this is, but also what it's all about. It overlaps the main navigation, which will act as the hub of the site. Below this is an introductory image which visually "nails down" the design while also further introducing the brand.

Actionable Items

One of the main purposes of any landing page is to guide users where to explore next. This is why our designer has included three actionable item buttons prominently at the top of the site to direct the user where to go next and encourage conversions.

Featured Products

We have included some featured products on the home page to further help guide users to the E-commerce portion of the site and get their shopping started!

Drop Down Menu

With a drop down menu, all of Roland's products and pages are just a click away. Not only does this improve ease of navigation, it also helps organize the content in a concise way.

In Conclusion

We believe that this design brings Roland's Desserts a digital presence which not only completely captures the sugary sweetness of their products, but also delivers an interface which drives users in the correct direction and will create conversions. Overall this design is professional, cheerful and most of all memorable.

If you have any questions, please contact our Creative Director

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