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This innovative product needed an equally cutting-edge web presence. With this screen filling scale and responsive design, GeekPower delivers a truly memorable online experience.
Project Showcase

Bold & Adventurous

This landing page design is audacious and bright. The large images and bold colours create a dramatic atmosphere which is sure to inspire and motivate your customers.

Project Image


Colour has been used sparingly on the site itself, but the images bring breathtaking splashes of colour.


Our designers used a modern and clean sans-serif font throughout the design for a uniform look. This font is web safe and will experience no issues rendering across platforms and browsers.

Project Image

Responsive Functionality

This is a reactive design. What this means is that the website actually adjusts to the size of the screen. This allows the content on the site to be both easier to navigate and more aesthetically pleasing on all platforms from laptops to cell phones.


Our goal was to create a landing page that was bold and engaging, and this screen-filling scale does the job. The desktop design is what will appear on resolutions larger than 1024 x 768. The elements will become larger and more spread out depending on the specific size of the screen. Shown below is what the design would look like on a 1920 x 1080 screen.

jQuery Rotator

jQuery is one of the most powerful ways to communicate a message. This simple slide show immediately establishes all that Quik Pod can do. I will work with you during the coding stage to design the slides further.

Top & Main Navigation

It's obvious immediately that this is QuikPod's website. The main navigation and cart functionality is to the right. The navigation also features an advanced CSS drop down menu.

Smarter Content

Gone are the days where web designers needed to worry about "the fold". Studies have shown that users love to scroll, and we have made good use of that on the QuikPod website! By making good use of the scrollbar we create a much cleaner and more organized content area.

E-Commerce Functionality

This website features a E-Commerce portion with all the needed functionality. It includes a detailed catalogue section, a product page with ratings and multiple photos and add to cart and checkout ability. All this can be managed by QuikPod in the backend.


Overall the design remains very similar to the desktop version, except that the main navigation collapses in to a mobile friendly version and some pieces collapse in to fewer column so that it is still easy to see the text and click on even at the smaller size.


The mobile design will also display perfectly whether the device is held vertically or horizontally. The mobile layout shrinks down to one column so that, once again, all the content remains big enough and accessible even at the much smaller screen size.

In Conclusion

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