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Pet Be Found

This website was custom built by GeekPower to helps track down pets using GPS functionality and QR codes!
Project Showcase

Four-Legged Friendly

This website has a warm and friendly vibe will still remaining clean and professional. The use of rich textures and typography give the design it's vibrant personality, while the clean lines and distinct hierarchy between elements keeps everything organized and the UI easy to use.

Project Image


Colour is what really brings this design to life! I've used the comforting colour scheme of cherry red, brown and cream for your main branding, but your website expands outside those to create a really cheerful and boisterous atmosphere.


We used three charismatic typefaces for this design. Cabin (Used in your Logo and the body type) which is a modern sans-serif, Cabin Sketch (Main headings) which has tons of personality, and Neucha (Sub headings) a friendly handwritten type. These three typefaces used together are contemporary with just the right amount of playfulness!

Project Image

Logo Design

This logo combines contemporary typography with an iconic image that effectively displays a message without being overly complicated. The magnifying glass highlights the hidden footprints of the lost pet, the same way Pet Be Found highlights those tracks using QR codes and GPS service. Overall it's charismatic and in a very modern style.

Top & Main Navigation

Pet Be Found's new logo is in the top left corner, immediately establishing that this as a corporate website. GeekPower used a horizontal main navigation menu because it is the standard for usability. Also in the top right corner is the Pet Owner Login, where users can access the backend of your site.

Actionable Items

One of the most important functions of the home page of any website is draw users deeper in to the content and direct them where to go. This is where actionable items come in to play. Right below the jQuery header our designers put three buttons which will helps keep the user interested while gently pushing them to the parts of the most important parts of the site.

Playful Animations

The little cat and dog in the top right corner are "hiding" behind the page, but when the user hovers over one of them, they will animate up to peek at the user and be "found". Another way GeekPower has used graphics to subtly communicate exactly what Pet Be Found does!

Beautiful Video Display

When the user clicks to view the corporate video the screen will dim and a lightbox will appear with the YouTube embed inside, to showcase it beautifully. The user can close this easily using the "X" button located in the usual location top right, or just click anywhere outside the lightbox.

jQuery Header

Directly below the main navigation is a large graphic header that acts as the visual "anchor" for the whole page. The jQuery will animate between slides automatically. jQuery, unlike Flash, will work on virtually all platforms, including iPads/iPhones and other mobile devices.


These slides are the perfect way to immediately communicate all the various features and services Pet Be Found offers.

In Conclusion

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