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Peraso needed an updated online presence that would better reflect their intuitive technology and professionalism.
Project Showcase

Sleek & Modern

The style of this website design is Clean and contemporary. It's simple, yet I've used gradients, shadows and texture to add interest and give the design a tactile feel.

Project Image


I have used primarily the deepest blue from your logo, but have also accented it with the lighter shades. This monochromatic colour scheme feels bold and professional.


I have used a modern sans-serif font throughout this design for a crisp, concise look. This font is completely web safe and will experience no issues rendering across all platforms.

Project Image

Top & Main Navigation

The top of the website follows web standards. Peraso's corporate logo is in the top left corner. Next to that is the main navigation, of which the menu items are completely editable by the client in the WordPress backend. The main navigation also features drop down menu functionality (more on this below).

Actionable Items

Because the landing page's main purpose is to draw the user deeper in to the site, we have put three actionable item buttons directly below the header image to entice your users to explore your products. These three boxes will be editable areas which the client is able to change in the WordPress backend.

Drop Down Menu

A drop down menu allows all Peraso's content will be easily accessible by the user. This makes it much easier for the user to find information about Peraso's products and create conversions.

jQuery Animation

The jQuery will animate between slides automatically, or by using the controls to the left and right. jQuery, unlike Flash, will work on virtually all platforms, including iPads/iPhones and other mobile devices. The text and image of the jQuery are also completely editable in the WordPress backend.


The jQuery slides are the perfect way to display multiple messages right in the prime real estate of the website.

In Conclusion

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