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One Design Sailing

This high end sailing school needed a new online presence which would better highlight their abilities.
Project Showcase

A Higher Standard

Our goal was to express that these lessons are tailored to adults without even having to say so straight out. The updated and professional look of this design communicates effectively that this is not for children. The clean lines, subtle shading and simplistic graphics give this design a polished and modern look.

Project Image


I have used multiple shades of blue for this design. The colour scheme has a crisp, reliable feel.


I have used a traditional serif typeface as the display text complimented by a thin, sleek font for the body type for easier reading at small sizes. These fonts are completely web safe and will experience no issues rendering across platforms or browsers.

Project Image

Top & Main Navigation

Your logo is in the top left corner, immediately establishing that this is your corporate website. Beside that is the main navigation, the hub of how your users will explore your site. This menu also has drop down functionality (more on this below).

Actionable Items

One of the most important functions of the home page of any website is draw users deeper in to the content and direct them where to go. We want the visitors of your website to explore your programs and eventually contact you. This is why we have allotted much of the home page to this purpose.

Drop Down Menu

With a drop down menu, all of your pages will be at your users' fingertips! By creating a page hierarchy we organize all of pages so that they make sense, making it much easier for the user to find information about One Design Sailing's programs and create conversions. We will help the client sort out the best possible page hierarchy during the coding phase.

Better Content

Instead of having a massive blob of text with no character, Geekpower created this space for text instead. By dividing the content in to two columns we get a much more interesting look.

jQuery Header

Below the main navigation is a big graphic header that visually nails down the landing page. The jQuery animates between slides automatically. jQuery, unlike Flash, will work on virtually all platforms, including iPads/iPhones and other mobile devices.

jQuery Slides

jQuery slides are the perfect way to show all the types of lessons One Design Sailing offers, right in the prime real estate of the website.

In Conclusion

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