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Old Mill

Old mill's previous website just was not doing their facilities any justice. GeekPower created their new look with a mixture of contemporary style and old world charm.
Project Showcase

Crisp & Clean Luxury

The style of this design is clean and contemporary. While overall the design did not divert drastically from their current branding, all the little details I have added really polishes the whole look and makes it feel cohesive. GeekPower utilized various subtle textures to keep the website from looking flat and to give it a tactile feel. We chose these particular textures because they remind me of crisp linens, small Victorian style sitting rooms and other such simple luxuries.

Project Image


GeekPower introduced a soft brown in the same family as what was in Old Mill's branding package. We felt that the addition of this colour, though muted, helped to pull the seams of the design together.


We utilized a elegant serif type for the headers and menu items and complimented it with a humanist sans-serif for the body type. Together these two typefaces bring an air of sophistication and old-world charm.

Project Image

Top & Main Navigation

The top of the website adheres closely to web standards. The Old Mill logo is in the top left corner, immediately establishing this is their corporate website. We opted to use a horizontal main navigation menu because it is the standard for usability and accounts for various monitor sizes and resolutions. On the right side there is also a search field.

Drop Down Menu

With a drop down menu, your whole website is at the users' fingertips! We have organized all of Old Mill's pages in to one concise hierarchy, which, along with your new drop down menu, will make it much easier for users to find what they are looking for.

Actionable Items

One of the most important functions of the home page of any website is draw users deeper in to the content and direct them where to go. This is why GeekPower linked all of Old Mill's services on the right side of the homepage content. This insures that any user can immediately find what they are looking for.

Highlighted Events

On Old Mill's previous website they had a calendar widget on the right side of every page. While GeekPower understood it's purpose, its position took up valuable real estate and was cluttering the page. To solve this problem we created a visually "highlighted" area to display your upcoming events, shows and blog updates underneath the content on every page. This way the items on Old Mill's calendar will still not be missed, are displayed in a much more organized and legible way and we achieve a much cleaner look.

jQuery Animated Header

Below the main navigation is a large graphic header that acts as the visual "anchor" for the whole page. The jQuery will animate between slides automatically. jQuery, unlike Flash, works on virtually all platforms, including iPads/iPhones and other mobile devices. It is also exceedingly easy to update using the WordPress backend.


These slides are just for example. I didn't have access to your real pictures so I just used some stock photos for the time being.

In Conclusion

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