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Dynac needed a fresh new look without altering their established branding. This new fully responsive design fit the bill perfectly.
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Same Brand, Cleaner Execution.

The old website was clunky and primitive. This new design brings Dynac a fresh new look with it's bold, clean and bright aesthetic. The ample whitespace and minimalistic graphics feels professional without being heavy and overdone. Every detail of this website layout is crafted to be simple.

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Currently our designer has stuck with Dynac's tried and true corporate colours. While on the old site the palette feels stuffy and rigid, by simply organizing these colours in a new way Dynac's branding appears much more modern.


Using your branding document as a guide, we have selected a condensed sans-serif for your website. This font is completely web safe and will experience no issues rendering across browsers and platforms.

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The Responsive Advantage

A responsive design allows Dynac to be more accessible to their visitors. The design stretches and forms itself to every screen size, so that every user gets the best possible experience.


The Desktop version of the design is optimized for viewing on a laptop or a monitor. Every element of the design will become larger and more spread out or smaller and closer together depending on the specific size of the screen.

jQuery Rotator

Although Dynac has opted not to implement this feature yet, the website is built with the ability to showcase multiple slides at the top of the page using jQuery animation.

Top & Main Navigation

The top of the website is organized so that everything is immediately established, making for the best possible user experience. Dynac's logo appears on the top left, indicating who's corporate website this is. The main navigation, and contact information are on the right side.

Actionable Items

One of the most important functions of the home page is to direct users where to go next. This is why much of the page is dedicated to "actionable items", buttons and links the user can click on to explore further or perform an action. This helps make conversions (in Dynac's case, to view their demo or register).

Better Content

None of this content feels cramped or overwhelming. By making good use of space and the scrollbar, we have organized the content so that it's easier to digest while being more aesthetically pleasing.

Drop Down Menu

With an advanced CSS drop down menu, all of Dynac's content will be available with only one click. Also, by organizing the pages in a proper, well thought-out hierarchy, pages are much easier to find.


The tablet version of the design is similar to the desktop version, except that all the graphics get condensed to fit much better at the smaller resolution.


For mobile devices, all the content moves in to a one column layout so that all the images and text can remain large enough to be seen on a much smaller screen. Also many functionalities have been simplified for a touch interface, such as the main navigation.

Mobile Menu

Because a traditional drop down menu is not suitable for a touch interface, Geek Power has also designed a sleek mobile version of the main navigation.

In Conclusion

We believe that this design gives Dynac a modern and professional new web presence which is sure to impress new and old clients alike. We have continued on with Dynac's established branding, we simply refreshed it for an updated look.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact our designer any time.


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