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Dr. Bernstein

This popular, medically supervised diet program needed many custom functionalities. GeekPower designed and built a website to suit their needs.
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A Super Diet needs a Super Website

Dr. Bernstein Diet required a web presence that did more than just look pretty. From simple search functionality, to more complex processes like the ability for users to track their weight loss progress, this website is a fully operational hub for it's users. GeekPower built these various systems from the ground up.

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Matching Dr. Bernstein's corporate colours, our designers utilized shades of their trademark green throughout the design for a crisp, concise look.


We used a simple and readable sans-serif font for the body text and accented it with a friendly, italicized serif font to add character and keep the website feeling open and welcoming.

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Main Navigation

The top portion of the page acts like a dashboard for the entire website. There is the main navigation with it's drop down menu for easier access to all the pages. Along the top is the location and search functionalities and the user log in.

Smart Content Layout

The content on the home page and the rest of the site makes good use of the scrollbar. Instead of trying to cram a lot of information in to the upper most portion of the site created a chaotic and messy look, our designers opted to give each section ample room. This layout is much more appealing aesthetically and also allows for more room to explain how the diet works and all it's features.

Weight Tracking

This section of the website delivers Dr. Bernstein with an interactive way for their patients to track their own progress and keep themselves motivated! The weight tracking section includes the ability for users to keep track of their goal weight, current weight and the pounds they have lost so far. It also allows them to upload progress photos along the way and keep momentum by journalling about their progress.

Recipes & Food List

As with any diet, the Dr. Bernstein method has many foods that should be consumed and some that should be avoided. The Food list section outlines all the foods one should consume while on this diet. To help even further, the website also includes a section of recipes which adheres to the guild lines recommend by Dr. Bernstein. This section features the ability for users to search for recipes by type (Meat, Eggs, Vegetarian, ect) and even submit their own recipes!

Mobile Version

This website also features a complete mobile version so that Dr. Bernstein's patients can still easily access all the above functionality on the go using their cell phones.

In Conclusion

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