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This bold, modern design gives Commercial, a property management company, a sleek and professional look.
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Cutting-Edge Design

This new design for Commercia Property Management is bold and contemporary. It's sprawling graphics, making excellent use of the scrollbar and it's sliced up images and clean icons all give this design a powerful and unique look.

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The colours for this design are taken from Commercia's logomark. The crisp blue and punchy red are a colour combination that feels professional, yet enthusiastic.


Again going along the lines of the logo, our designer selected a modern sans-serif for use throughout the entire design for a clean, concise look. This font is completely web safe.

Project Image

Top & Main Navigation

The top of this design is clean and optimized for usability. The Commercia logo is the first element to draw the eye in it's position at the top left corner. On the opposite side is the main navigation and a couple of additional buttons.

Dynamic Content

By dividing the content in to distinct sections and punctuating it with large images we create a much more engaging and beautiful content area from what you would see on a typical website.

Highlighting Skills

Instead of a standard bulleted list, to outline Commercia's skills and abilities our designer centred out their best and created icons to correspond to each one. This layout is simply much more interesting and noticeable.

The Footer

After a stand-out Actionable Item enticing the user to contact Commercia, there is a simple, yet functional footer which contains links to all the key parts of the website.

Drop Down Menu

With an advanced CSS drop down menu, all of Commercia's content is available with only one click. Also, by organizing the pages in a proper, well thought-out hierarchy, content is much easier to find.

In Conclusion

We believe that this design gives Commercia a modern and professional web presence which is sure to leave a memorable impression on their clients. This is a design that breaks the mold and isn't afraid to be bold.

If you have any questions, please contact our Creative Director.

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