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Clean It Online

A revolutionary new way to dry clean. GeekPower designed and built this intuitive online system for Clean it Online.
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Bold, Bright & Memorable

The style of this design is very bold and extremely modern and up to date. This website functions the way the future of web is looking towards. GeekPower believe that this format makes Clean it Online memorable, easier to use and as up to date as it comes!

Project Image


Bright is the name of the game here! Our designers used a flashy green with accents of orange for the elements that need to stand out. This along with some some subtle textures keeps the design from feeling flat and stale, while still keeping it clean and simple.


GeekPower used a sleek, contemporary typeface, the same which was used in the logo design so everything is uniform. This font is completely web safe, meaning it will have no issues rendering across platforms and browsers.

Project Image

Top & Main Navigation

Clean it Online's new logo is right at the top, immediately establishing this as their corporate website. GeekPower opted to use a horizontal main navigation menu because it is the standard for usability and accounts for various monitor sizes and resolutions.

Actionable Items

One of the most important functions of the home page of any website is draw users deeper in to the content and direct them where to go. These two call to action buttons at the very top of the page direct the user to the two most important areas: "How it Works" and "Sign Up".

Step by Step

This little area is a simplistic step-by-step of the Clean it Online process. At a quick glance, this explains the whole process from start to finish.


Our designers included an area for Testimonials, which we feel is beneficial to the home page as it adds credibility to Clean it Online's new business model.

Sign Up Form

By splitting up the sign up process in to 2-4 stages we make it much less daunting for the user, so that it does not feel like a lot of work to sign up. This works better than just throwing all the fields at them on one page. We started with just the name and address, and when the user hits "continue" they are brought to the rest of the sign up process.

Logo Design

This smart logomark immediately gets across what Clean it Online is all about. The bright green t-shirt communicates the easy and laid-back nature of their philosophy while the pixel cursor establishes that the service is online. It's sleek, simple and memorable.

jQuery Animation

Below the main navigation is a big graphic header that visually nails down the landing page. The jQuery animates between slides automatically. jQuery, unlike Flash, will work on virtually all platforms, including iPads/iPhones and other mobile devices.


jQuery slides are the perfect way to explain the services Clean it Online offers, right in the prime real estate of the website.

In Conclusion

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