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Brazilian by Brazilian

This bubbly, feminine website is fully SEO optimized and correctly steers users in the right direction so that more conversions are made.
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Fresh and Sweet

This bright, sugary and feminine design not only draws the user in with it's contemporary style, it is also carefully optimized with actions and buttons to insure the most possible conversions. This light and airy look has a clean, fresh and professional feel.

Project Image


Expanding on the colours in your logo, this design features refreshing shades of blue alongside invigorating pale yellows and oranges. These colours set a relaxing, clean and refreshing tone to the atmosphere.


For consistency, our designer has selected fonts that perfectly match the Brazilian by Brazilian logo, using a flowing script font for the headings and a modern sans-serif for the body text. Both of these fonts are web safe.

Project Image

Top & Main Navigation

The top of the website acts as the main hub for user introductions and navigation. The Brazilian by Brazilian logo appears in the top left corner, immediately establishing this as their corporate website. Beside it is the address and contact information so that visitors from Google or Pay Per Click will immediately realize their facility is close by. Below this is the main navigation of the site.

Actionable Items

The main purpose of any website is to create conversions, and since the home page is the first page a user visits it is crucial in guiding users in the proper direction. The very main real estate of the website needs to complete three things: Draw the user in (We have done this with eye catching graphics), communicate what the site is for/about (this is accomplished by the headline in the header) and get the user to perform an action. We have effectively directed the user towards booking online by making it the first button they are presented with and sweetened the deal with the discount offer below it.

Better Content

By organizing the content in a more aesthetically pleasing way using images and a 3 column design, we can have more content present without the site feeling cluttered. This extra bit of content does wonders when it comes to Brazilian by Brazilian's Search Engine Ranking.


This stylish and sophisticated logo is simple, yet elegant. The fluttering butterfly communicates the natural properties of Brazilian by Brazilian's services, while the flowing feminine typography feels soft, comforting and clean.

In Conclusion

We believe that this design brings Brazilian by Brazilian a digital presence which not only completely captures the soothing and calming atmosphere of their facility, but also delivers an interface which drives users in the correct direction and will create conversions. Overall this design is clean, professional and most of all memorable.

If you have any questions, please contact our Creative Director.

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