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Search Engine Optimization Questions

What is a search engine?

A search engine is a website dedicated to displaying online results from specific searches, with the most known and used search engine being Google.

Search Engines index pages, and use a complex algorithm to display the best results related to a users query or search. With 93% of online sessions beginning with a search, these search engines are a massive part of how people find and interact with sites online.

What are keywords?

A keyword refers to the word or phrase that is typed into a search engine to find a site or result. With the increase in voice-assisted devices over the last few years, long-tailed keywords, or keywords consisting of 3 or more words, have become more prevalent and important to SEO.

To determine the best keywords for your campaign, and SEO professional will perform a keyword analysis. Keywords are researched based on relevancy to your site, product, or service, as well as search volume and competition.

What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of optimizing a site to increase rankings on a search engine. Every search engine has a set of "ranking factors" that can contribute to how high on the results your site will show. SEO ensures these ranking factors are applied to your site, increasing your likelihood of a first-page result.

Will my site's Search Engine ranking always remain the same?

No. Search engine rankings change quite often due to changes in the algorithm, sites improving their SEO, and the addition of new sites or removal of old. Search Engines are constantly fine-tuning or outright changing their algorithms and ranking factors, which is why SEO is not a set and forget method for getting to the first page. Continuous and ongoing optimization is the best course of action to keep a site ranking well.

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