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April 6, 2020

Marketing Your Business in Times of Uncertainty

We’re not going to beat around the bush, the world is a tough place. Many businesses won’t survive, and out of those who do, most won’t find the success they’re chasing after.

So, when the world starts throwing curveballs at your already difficult challenge of turning a profit, how can you expect to survive in times of uncertainty?

The first step: Breath!

The economy bounces back. Ebbs and flows. And with a proper plan, so will your business.

But it requires work and commitment to see your efforts through!

Nonetheless, there is no time better than now to start revamping your marketing strategies to fit your environment and your audience.

Here are some quick tips on how you can do just that!

Brand Revamping

Does your brand feel all over the place? Some of your blogs hit home and others fall flat? Not certain what to share on your Instagram?

You may have a branding issue!

It is important for others to know you and for your customers BREATH you!

If a returning customer can’t open a webpage or Facebook post without instantly recognizing or having a clue of who you are, there is a problem.

Colours, fonts, wording – it should all feel like you!

If you aren’t a professional designer, it may feel hard to create a cohesive look that resonates with your current and future customers. But not to worry, plenty of freelance and gig-based workers are ready to develop a style that voices your values, changes your customer’s experience, and so much more.

So, reach out to some web-based designers today and view their portfolios. You might just find the facelift your business has been looking for.

Social Media

In moments where the world shelters themselves and everyone is bound to their phones and computers, you will find that it pays to be flexible and available.

One of the places this is most easily accomplished is through social media. Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter offer so many options for Automated Chatbots, bookings, sales, and so much more!

Aligning your Social Media platforms isn’t the easiest of tasks though. Unfortunately, due to the way algorithms behave, accounts that post daily (if not more frequently) are featured under hashtags more often than an account that posts twice a week.

If you need some help establishing a plan for success on Social Media, you can check out our last blog for some helpful Quick Tips!

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Just because businesses are down across the board doesn’t mean you can slow down on your advertisements. Even if the ad doesn’t land you a conversion, it still provides plenty of brand benefits.

Message Frequency plays a large role in how your audience perceives your business. Too much or too little frequency can see sluggish returns, but with the right positioning and timing, your calls-to-action can land on listening ears.

It isn’t easy to change an individual’s mind, but through research, analysts have been able to identify thresholds for “media weight”, says John Philip Jones.

For some, it can be as simple as the Rule of Seven, where it takes 7 interactions with your brand before a customer will make a purchase. For others, it can be upwards of 20!

The best thing for you to do is to stay active with your advertisements and always be testing minor tweaks.

It is up to us marketers to be brave when others are fearful. Much like the wise investor, Warren Buffet, it is important to see downfalls as a point of opportunity.

Whenever crisis strikes, plenty of business owners will turn down PPC ads for something more tangible. In doing so, PPC becomes much cheaper for the average business owner.

During these times, try to tackle some new ads or even boost your current campaigns using Google’s Smart Bidding function for even more ad customization!

Outsource Your Marketing

If it feels like your bailing water out of a leaky boat during times of uncertainty, you made need an extra hand to help grow your business.

Don’t feel ashamed though – this means you are going in the right direction!

Luckily, Geekpower offers all these solutions managed through our full-time experienced marketing staff!

Focus your efforts on being the best business you can be, and we will handle the rest! Contact us today for your Marketing consultation!


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