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July 15, 2019

How Good Website Design Affects User Experience

Good website design will give a professional, polished presentation that speaks directly to your target audience. A professional website designer will incorporate many factors into the design to ensure that the end-users (individuals visiting your website) have the best experience on the page that they can. Everything from how the content on the page is organized to the visual elements incorporated can affect the functionality and responsiveness of your website.
Keep reading to learn about 4 ways good website design can improve user experience.

Captures Audience Attention

Generally, you only have a few short moments to capture your audience’s attention before they decide whether to stay and explore your website or switch to a different page. Having a strong and effective visual presentation on your website will give your page the ability to keep a visitor on your website longer, which can lead, ideally, to a higher conversion rate. Since the internet has created an environment where users are so inundated with information, people are now even more selective with what they will give their time and attention to online. For that reason, it is of the utmost importance to present your website with a clearly organized layout and a bit of wow-factor!

Some things to keep in mind that can help draw audience attention into your site are

  • Cohesive design elements throughout your website including patterns, icons and colours, shapes, etc. to ensure your site feels unified
  • Proper use of colour and white space to break up content and create visual interest without overloading the user’s visual senses
  • Compatible typography and colour pairing
  • Use of high quality, relevant images
  • Subtle animation and effects that help draw attention to calls-to-action, where appropriate

Guides the Readers Eye

When someone visits a website that presents them with too much information that is not well organized or visually broken up, they will most likely leave the site without exploring further. Good website design will have the content broken up visually and use design elements to establish a clear reading path. Ultimately, you want all of the information on your website to be easily digestible for your end-user and for the most important information to be highlighted and prominently placed throughout your pages.

Some design elements that can help guide your readers are

  • Making use of bold headings to create a visual hierarchy throughout your pages (size, font-weight, colour, etc.)
  • Selecting an appropriate size and style of typeface for your body text that is clear and easy to read
  • Breaking up your content using white space and definitive framing
  • Illustrating your content with descriptive icons, images, and quotes
  • Utilizing sidebars or frames to highlight and summarize the most important information in your body copy

Increases Functionality

In addition to capturing audience attention, good design elements can act to improve the functionality of your website. Website functionality refers to the interactive part of your site; elements that allow the visitor to respond in some way, thus turning the visitor to a customer. For example, a professional website designer might utilize responsive web design to ensure that your website will fit any screen on any device your audience might be viewing your site from.
Other modern design trends that your website designer might opt to employ for improved site functionality are

  • Parallax scrolling
  • Multimedia (images, videos, audio, interactive elements)
  • eCommerce elements (shopping cart function, checkout)

Helps Build Trust

It is almost immediately obvious whether or not a company has hired a professional website designer when you visit a new website. Ensuring your website is one that presents as professional can help build trust with your clientele. If a visitor can tell that you have not spared any expense to ensure they have a good experience on your website, they can trust that you will not spare any expense in providing them with the best product or service possible.
Presenting a clean visual design with cohesive elements, logical content flow, and functional responsiveness will help to build trust in your company, brand, product, or service. Your audience will find that you are professional, reliable, and knowledgeable about your industry, leading to a higher conversion rate.

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