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January 29, 2019

Web Designer vs. Web Developer: What’s the Difference?

So, you are in the market for a new website for your business. You begin your search on Google; you might search for “web design agency” or “best web developers” or something of the like, but do you really know the difference between the two? Nowadays, web design and web development are almost interchangeable terms, however, both job titles hold different responsibilities and take on quite separate parts of the website creation process. Despite the disparity in the two titles, both are virtually interchangeable and fit under the umbrella of “website companies.”

Most website companies employ both designers and developers, as we do here at Geek Power. The boundaries between the two job titles are becoming more and more blurred; web designers are becoming interested in learning how to code while web developers are paying closer attention to design rules.

Depending on which web-based services your business requires, you may find you need one more than the other; while a brand-new website will surely require both. Let’s see if we can help you narrow it down.

What is a Web Designer?

A website designer is responsible for creating the overall design and visual appearance of the website. The job extends further than just the visual appearance of the website, as the designer is often tasked with coming up with the layout and navigation system as well. The designer must always keep in mind end-user experience; it is up to the designer to determine how users will ultimately view and navigate through the website.

Web designers use design concepts such as colour collocation, spatial relations, and a variety of typesetting’s to achieve an aesthetic that is on-brand with the company the website is going to represent. Web designers use design programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Sketch to create their designs and mock-up what the website will look and feel like. The designer will create layouts, logos, templates, illustrations, buttons, and other design elements required for the website. Once the design has been completed, the web designer passes off their work to the web developer…

What is a Web Developer?

With the finalized design in-hand, the website developer is responsible for the “invisible” design of the website – the coding. Using programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, the web developer turns the two-dimensional design into a working, functional website that react to users’ requests. Web developers are focused on what is going on in the “background” of the website; it is their job to ensure that all navigational options function as intended and allow the end-user to move through the site without hick-ups.

Sometimes referred to as programmers, web developers take the design from flat images and create a functioning, responsive website. Developers prioritize clean code and creating a technically-sound website that responds to end-user activity as intended in the design phase.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Harmonious cooperation between the designers and developers contributes to the success of any website project. Everyone working on the project must also have a strong understanding of the clients’ end goal. It is likely your next website project will require both professional website designers and developers. Contact us at Geek Power today to see how our experienced team can help you achieve your #websitegoals!

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