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January 9, 2014

Is Your Small Business Website Built to Attract Visitors or Buyers?

Is Your Small Business Website Built to Attract Visitors or Buyers?

In a way, Digital Marketing for small businesses these days looks less like a friendly competition and more like an arms race. Even in industries where people didn’t use to pay much attention to online strategies – like pet stores or bakeries, for example – search engine optimization, social media, and other topics are catching on quick. It seems that everyone is scrambling as quickly as they can to gobble up as much web traffic as possible.

But is that necessarily the best approach for your company?

It might be, but only if you keep your focus where it matters. You see, for all the attention paid to finding visitors for your company’s website, it’s worth remembering that they are only valuable to you if they become customers… and vice versa. Too many web pages, pay per click ads, and social media profiles are designed to attract hits rather than actual buyers. That doesn’t help you or the people who visit your pages.

The most efficient websites – and the ones that remain profitable year after year – are the ones that speak to a very specific kind of potential customer. The people who buy from you now do so because of something unique that you offer, whether it’s your location, selection of products, shipping policies, and so on. Never get so caught up in looking for visitors that you forget who you really need to bring in, and why they should buy from you.

If you want to get past “buying websites” and start building a stronger future for your company, call Geek Power today. We can help you break through the stumbling blocks that hold back most businesses – and their online marketing plans.

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