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June 2, 2013

The First Thing That Matters in Small Web Design… and How to Find it

In a way, web design used to be more fun than it is now. That’s not to say that we don’t love what we do, just that even a few years ago, it could make your day to see the look on a new client’s face when you unveiled the new layout. Often, they had no idea what was even possible before you showed it to them, and so the unveiling of a gorgeous layout left them almost literally speechless.

Times have changed, however. Clients still appreciate digital art, but many of them have seen so many high-quality web designs that they’re not as impressed, even if the work is spectacular. What’s more, they come into the process with lots of ideas about backend development, content management systems, search engine optimization, and a whole host of other ideas that come into play after the layout has been decided.

There’s nothing wrong with having smart, savvy web design clients, of course, and we don’t mean to discourage you from thinking about the full range of online marketing options. But when it comes down to redesigning your small business website, try to take the time to focus a little bit on the art first. We’re not just saying that to protect our fragile egos; the fact is that the better your site looks, the more people are going to spend time on it. And once they click through often enough, all the other great things you have in mind can start to happen.

Web design and development is a much different game than it used to be, but don’t forget that visitors really do judge your site by its cover. Look for stunning design first, and everything else about will be a lot easier.

Looking for a small business site that looks as great on your income reports as it does on your customer’s screen? Try Geek Power – we’re experts at designing and coding websites that combine artistic style with bottom-line business goals.

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