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May 19, 2013

Are You Writing Blank Checks to Your Web Design Company?

Are You Writing Blank Checks to Your Web Design Company?

Few of us, especially in this economy, could afford to regularly hang out in the kind of restaurant that doesn’t have any prices on its menu. Even fewer still could carelessly ring up an endless amount of hours with a lawyer, accountant, or other professional consultants. And yet, a startling number of web design clients let their design teams run wild with an open budget.

And so, we have to ask: are you writing blank checks to your web design company?

One of the things that have always set us apart from the competition is our preference to charge people by the package, rather than the hour. In other words, we want every client we work with to know exactly what it’s going to cost them to get great web design and development before they sign on the dotted line. We can understand why our customers love it; what we can’t figure out is how other companies get away with doing something different.

That’s because, once revisions, additions, small add-on features, and other “extras” that just about every client ends up needing are figured in, it’s not uncommon for some of Toronto’s leading web design companies to have devoted dozens of unplanned hours to even a small project. How many clients accurately anticipate these costs?

Obviously, our way of doing business isn’t the only way. But think very carefully before you sign an agreement that allows your web design company to bill you by the hour. The estimate might look lower in the beginning, but you want to spend your time working together focused on producing the best site possible… not staring at the clock and wondering what your next invoice will look like.

If you’re looking for Toronto’s best for web design, development, and value, click no further. Geek Power can help you put together a business site that’s as profitable as it is powerful.

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