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January 11, 2011

Top 5 Android Tablets

Over the holidays it seems, in my life at least, that everyone got an e-book reader. From the Nook to the Kindle to the Kobo, they seem to be everywhere this year. After seeing how useful that they are, I started to think that I would like to have a similar device that would allow me to carry hundreds of books on the go. However, being a technical guy, I am looking for a few more features in my device, music, video, internet and email would also be nice to have as I also travel quite a bit. I have been doing a lot of research, read (and watched) a number of reviews and I have built Geek Power Web Designs Top 5 Android Tablets.

5 – Augen GENTOUCH. This is not a bad little device. It has a resistive screen, which means going back to using a stylus. It has Wi-Fi, 8GB storage and micro SD expansion. In the $150 range, this is a nice tablet for people who are looking for a basic Android tablet who aren’t afraid of using a stylus (or fingernail, etc.).

4 – Coby MID7015. This also has a resistive screen. But has a few more features than the GENTOUCH. Full sized USB allows for USB keyboard, Wi-Fi, expandable memory and HD output to TV with HDMI output.

3 – Velocity Micro T301 Cruz. This device seems to have all of the necessary features. A capacitive screen, expandable memory and Wi-Fi, this is everything you need in a basic tablet. Priced in the $250 range, you lose a few niceties. The expandable memory is limited to 4GB SD, no HDMI output and low internal memory places this at the bottom of the list of devices I would seriously consider.

2 – Archos 70 Internet Tablet. I really like this product. Priced in the neighbourhood of $300 (for the base model), you get all the features you would need on the device. HDMI output, Capacitive multitouch screen, front side webcam, kick-stand and Bluetooth tethering with a cellphone for internet on-the-go are my favourite of its features. I feel that this tablet has the most bang for the buck out of any on this list.

1 – The Samsung Galaxy Tab. This is a no-brainer. With Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Phone (with a bluetooth headset), 3G and a price tag of $500 – $600, plus a data plan, I would expect this to be the best and most responsive of the Android Tablets. That said, I personally do not feel that you get $300 worth of additional features and usability. I think it is possibly the best tablet on the market at the moment, but I do not feel that it is worth the extra money over the Archos.

Overall, I would choose the Archos 70. At half the price of the Galaxy Tab, you aren’t losing many features when you consider that you don’t need your tablet to be a cell phone and the ability for the Archos to tether to a 3G cellphone gives you internet on the go, albeit with a little more work. I am excited to see how the Archos works. I will post again when I have the money to purchase one and give a full review of the device.

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