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January 3, 2011

Eve Online and Other Christmas Gaming

Before Christmas, I was looking for some new videos game to try out. I spoke with a lot of my friends and for the PC the recommended Eve Online and also recommended I get a PS3.

Eve Online is a futuristic MMORPG where you are a pilot of a spacecraft. You have the option to have any type of occupation, and the game allows you to play above or below the “law”. The economy is based on a live economy involving supply and demand and provides a very realistic gameplay. I am still very new to the game, but I am looking forward to exploring the world and learning more about what the game allows me to do.

I also managed to convince my family to get me a PlayStation 3 for Christmas. On Boxing Day I got a lot of good deals on a bunch of games. During the rush of the holidays I didn’t get much chance to try many of them out, but now that my life is getting back to normal, I should be able to have more time to try them out. If I find any gems (or lumps of coal) I will definitely post and let you know!

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