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November 10, 2010


In an age of 3d games and realistic graphics, it is extremely rare to see a good 2d sidescroller. Playing this game reminded me of the times I used to sit down with my little brother to play Double Dragon on Nintendo.

Beefed Up Version of Double Dragon

Shank is is a more beefed up and more violent version of Double Dragon; having said that, this is definitely not a game for children. The amount of language and animated gore explains the ‘M’ rating.   However,  if you are not a child you will have a great time slicing, chainsaw-ing (that’s right its a word), and shooting your way through this well-made game.  It is a lot of fun especially while playing the hot-seat multi-player campaign which is by the way different from the single-player campaign.

As you play through the campaign you unlock different weapons and character skins and there is also an achievement system for all the players that enjoy that.

This game is currently available on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and Steam,  while playing the steam version on my PC I had to make sure to update my graphics drivers and direct x the game would not work otherwise, but once I got it going it worked flawlessly. Since I was playing the PC version I had the option of playing on a keyboard or plug in a game controller.  The game actually displays a message recommending a game controller for best gameplay which is understandable since the game was originally released for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

Anyways if side scrollers are the sort of game that you enjoy I recommend you play Shank. It has been scored highly by other game reviewers, though some have noticed clipping issues which I have not noticed. I hope you enjoy this game as much as I did.

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