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November 1, 2010

Becoming a Better Salesman

What makes a good salesman? How do you become an expert in the sales field?

I have been in sales for nearly a decade now and I still believe I am far from becoming a veteran salesman.  I have spent the last 3 years focused on sales for Geek Power Web Design Toronto.  Over the years I have been constantly learning and updating my skills.  I don’t think anyone can ever claim to have truly mastered the art of sales, every industry, client, and situation is completely different from the next.  That being said, I have come to some very important understandings.

I have decided to begin a series of blogs writing about a few tips and tricks to improve your personal sales strategies and your companies sales strategies.  Remember every sales market is different so above all critical thinking and common sense will lead you to become a good salesman.  But nonetheless here is some food for thought.

Tip 1: Believe in your product

The first and by far the most important tip I can give a salesman is to believe in your product! There are few salesmen that exist that can effectively sell a product that they wouldn’t use themselves.  If you don’t believe in your product your potential clients will be able to smell it on you miles away.  If you work for a company that has a bad product, maybe it is time to try and improve that product or move onto an entirely different product or company.  Don’t waste your time spinning your wheels on a bad product!

Here at GeekPower I have the luxury of selling a product which is such a great marketing tool that it is the basis of our entire marketing plan.  That product is a strong search engine optimized web presence.  It is actually very easy for me to convince potential clients of the true value of investing in our search engine optimized websites because nine times out of ten, that’s how my potential clients found me!  The clients can immediately see the product working for someone in a real situation.

Tip 2: Don’t waste your time finding clients!

The odds of finding a potential client who meets all the needed criteria can be enormous.  People are tired of being sold, they want to buy! If they are not in the correct mindset when you approach them, whether in person, by phone, by email or by flyer they will most likely not want anything to do with you.  People have learned in this day in age to become experts at ignoring salespeople.

The best way to combat this ever-increasing problem is to rethink our strategies at generating clients.  Rather than spending your time finding clients, and convincing them that they need your product, spend your time making sure your clients find you when they are truly considering your product.  For example, when a potential client of GeekPower realizes they need a new website they will most likely search for a web designer on Google.  By ensuring that our search engine optimization keeps us high in the web design listings for Google, we significantly increase the chances of the potential client finding us.

Once they find us we have made it easy for them to send us a request for more information through the use of simple and easy to use web forms.  At this point, you now have generated a lead from an interested potential client who is in the right mindset to buy.  You will find this kind of potential client is much more likely to convert into a real client then a client whom you approached first.

I will be posting more sales tips in the future so stay tuned!

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