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October 27, 2010

Barrie Web Review

Being a Web Developer I spend a lot of time working with Web Hosts.   I need to call them up to set up accounts for clients or troubleshoot problems my client might be experiencing.  My experience with the technical support at a web hosting company has varied.  There have been times when I called up a technical support line for a host and was talking to the new guy or gal on the job, other times I was speaking with the person who had all the answers.

I recently dealt with a web host and the experience really stood out to me and I decided I would write up a review about the host.

Barrie Web

I was very impressed with the service provided by Barrie Web.   I had a client that needed their to point to via 301 redirect.  I sent Barrie Web an email explaining my situation and a couple of hours later I received a telephone call from Brent at Barrie Web.  I further explained the issue and Brent said he’d look into the options to allow the 301 redirect.  He called me an hour later with his solution.  He wanted to switch the client from a Windows Server to a Linux Server.  On the Linux Server, we could then use .htaccess to do the 301 redirect to  The switch was at no cost to the client and  Brent had checked to make sure that the client wasn’t using any technologies dependent on the Windows Server which the client wasn’t.  So I agreed to the switch.

The next day the server was switched and the 301 redirect was working.  I really enjoyed talking with Brent on the phone and even mentioned to my co-workers how helpful he was.  It would be my pleasure to work with Barrie Web again in the future.

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