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October 1, 2010

Adding Sub Pages in the New WordPress 3.0 Menu

I was trying out the new WordPress 3.0 menu system and my first thought was that it was missing a way to do a drop-down menu… I was wrong!

After some digging, I found a page which showed how to use the new WordPress custom menu and they didn’t even explicitly show how to create the sub menu’s it was more of an accident that the person in the video quickly fixed.

I first was stuck with creating a menu with only top menu items without any subpages.

After searching and finding a video explaining how to use the WordPress menu system I noticed the tutor on the video made a mistake.  He accidentally created a subpage for a top level menu item.  I gasped as that was what I was looking for.  I didn’t even think to go dragging the menu item around to see if to would snap to different spots.

Finally, I can replace all those menu plugins and just use this very slick menu creator right in WordPress.   I am very impressed with WordPress 3.0 thus far.

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