Custom Website Design

The design of your website doesn't just affect your users’ first impressions
it is what connects the functionality of your site to their fingertips.

You'll Find No Templates Here

Every design we create is custom crafted
with the individual client in mind.

No Boring Templates Here

Are you looking for a web site that is NOT boxy?
A web site that captures the eye and impresses the mind?

At Geek Power we create web sites that break the box and stand out from the regular boring web sites.

Every web site has a beginning and we start with our client's vision. Sometimes the client is not certain of the vision just of the business needs and this is ok. We walk our clients through a design process of determining what the clients needs are, the overall feel they want their web site to have on their visitors and the lasting impression they want to make.

A custom web design is not limited to the web site. We also create logos and business cards to match the feel and look of the web site. We believe in complete marketing packages to ensure your success online and offline. Websites are not isolated to “the web”, they’re part of everyday business and become more so every day. Don’t get let behind! Contact us today to discuss your web design project.

What's Hot and What's Not

During the design process we research who the target audience is, what kind of technology the target audience will likely use, and research the most- likely competitors they will face on the internet.

We specialize in web design. We're not print designers who have "adapted" to the digital medium, we're actually web designers.

Our clients often suggest a type of design or particular web sites that are to their liking which we reference to refine our initial concept. We always advise our clients if a particular web site is unprofessional and falls out of acceptable scope to compete with the best in their industry.


Our creative director will meet with you personally.


We keep up with the latest trends and technology.


Our websites are designed with you in mind.

Don't Just Take Our Word for it

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