Toronto Trailers

This clean, contemporary website not only improves Toronto Trailer's Search Engine ranking, it also boasts responsive functionality.

Clean & Professional

While your old site was just OK, this new design is cleaner, more organized and overall has a much more professional look. By updating and harmonizing the graphics while at the same time better organizing your content we have created a fresh new look for Toronto Trailers.


Our designer has used shades of blue, variants of the deep blue of your logo, for a clean, concise look. These colours feel trustworthy and orderly.


We have selected a simple sans-serif font for use throughout this entire design. This font is modern and easily readable on a screen. This font is also 100% web safe and will experience no problems rendering across platforms.

Responsive Layout

A responsive design allows Toronto Trailers to be more accessible to their users. The design stretches and molds itself to each screen size, so that everyone gets the best possible experience. Their clients can shop from anywhere!


The Desktop version of the design is optimized for viewing on a laptop or a monitor. The elements will become larger and more spread out depending on the specific size of the screen. Shown below is what the design would look like on a 1920 x 1080 screen.


The animated jQuery header is the perfect place for Toronto Trailers to display featured sections of their product catalogue or upcoming promotions.

Top & Main Navigation

The Toronto Trailers logo is the first thing the user sees at it's position in the top right corner. Beside that is the main navigation (which features a drop down menu - more on this below) and a smaller, secondary menu for the cart, user login and search functionality.

Actionable Items

The main conversion Toronto Trailers needed to make is users browsing and buying their products. In order to make this as simple as possible, GeekPower has included multiple actionable items on the home page heading in this direction. There are three actionable item buttons directly below the jQuery which will take the user to the top sections of their catalogue. Below that are featured/popular products.

Drop Down Menu

This advanced CSS drop down menu allows all the pages on the Toronto Trailers website to be accessed with one click, making it exceptionally easy to navigate the website.


The tablet version of the design is similar to the desktop version, except that things get condensed to fit much better at the smaller resolution.


For mobile devices, all the content moves in to a one column layout so that all the graphics and text can remain large enough to be seen on a much smaller screen. Also many functionalities have been simplified for a touch interface.

Mobile Menu

A regular main navigation you normally see on a website is unsuitable for browsing on a mobile device. This is why on the tablet and mobile versions of The Toronto Trailers website, the menu will collapse in to a style optimized for use on a touch screen.