Monarch Leather

Monarch Leather's sleek, modern design and their full ecommerce section gives them equal parts beauty and functionality.

Sleek and Sophisticated

It does not use shouty visuals or intense graphic effects, but it's bold simplicity is what gives this design it's refined and upscale look. Utilizing the principals from the "flat" design aesthetic, this website gives Monarch Leather a modern and sophisticated digital presence.


Many other websites for high-end products use primarily black, white and grey, but these warm, earthy browns breath some life in to this simple design and evokes the tactile feel of leather.


Our designer has selected two fonts for this design: a hyper-modern sans-serif for the headings and a simpler, more readable font for the body text. Both of these fonts are 100% web safe which will experience no issues rendering across platforms and browsers.

Top & Main Navigation

The top of the website is the hub of user navigation. The logo appears in the top centre, immediately establishing this as Monarch Leather's website. Below that is the main navigation, which features a drop down menu (more on this below) and the shopping cart and search functionality.

Introduction Section

Directly below the main navigation is an area for Monarch to briefly introduce themselves and links guiding the user to the shopping section of the site.

Featured Products

The home page also features a section displaying top/featured products to further direct the user to the main purpose of the site: the products. These are designated by Monarch in the eCommerce backend.

Drop Down Menu

This website features a CSS drop down menu, which allows Monarch's users to get to any section of the site quickly and with only one click. A drop down menu also helps to organize all the products in a more concise and simple way.


The website includes a fully-functional e-commerce section which allows Monarch Leather's clients to browse and buy all their products online.