MJ Pharma

This retro, Reefer Madness inspired design is bursting with personality. With it's customized e-commerce system, this website is functional as well as charismatic.

Bold, Retro Graphics

MJ Pharma required a website which would stand out from the rest. With it's screen-filling scale, bold retro-inspired graphics and charming typography, this design delivers on that goal.


Our designer has selected a colour palette of a bright, fresh green which bursts out on top of the black and white imagery. This colour scheme has a sophisticated feel with edgy undertones.


We have selected multiple fonts with various personalities. When combined together, these fonts give the design a fun, vintage-y vibe. All of these fonts are web safe, keeping every piece of text editable in the WordPress backend.

Top & Main Navigation

The top of the website acts as the hub for user interaction. The MJ Pharma logo appears at the top left corner, immediately establishing this as their corporate website. Beside it is the main navigation which the user will use to get around the site. The main navigation also features a drop down menu (more on this below).

Actionable Items

One of the main purposes of the landing page after drawing the user in with style is to direct them where to go next. This keeps the experience from getting stale and improves conversions. To achieve this, our designer has created three actionable item buttons directly below the jQuery header

Content & Footer

Content laid out in a blob looks awful, so our designer has strategically organized it in columns instead and accented it with vintage engravings. By doing this we create much more interesting and aesthetically pleasing text. The footer includes a secondary menu, contact information and a dynamic Twitter feed.

Drop Down Menu

With a drop down menu, every page on a website is available to the user in just one click! It also helps to organize all of MJ Pharma's pages and products in a concise and distinct matter that just makes more sense.


This website includes a full ecommerce section, allowing clients to buy MJ Pharma's products online.


Geek Power also designed MJ Pharma's logomark. This vintage logo with it's retro typeface and crest-like shape is simple and clean, yet clearly communicates MJ Pharma's cheeky personality.

jQuery Animated Header

Below the main navigation is a large graphic header which visibly "nails down" the website with it's large scale. This simple animation brings life to the design while also being another great place to display content. The slides will fade in and out of each other automatically, or by using the controls to the left and right.


The jQuery slides are the perfect way for MJ Pharma to showcase their products and personality right in the main real estate of the home page.