Maple Lane Landscape

Below we have outlined many of the little details and all the thought that went in to your landing page design.

Modern and Clean

Our goal with this design was to create a user interface that is not only contemporary and professional, but also easy to navigate and explore. Instead of using dull bulleted lists and blobs of text to communicate Maple Lane Landscape's message, our designer has created a dynamic layout that feels uncluttered while also providing an informational resource for their clients.


For this mock up we opted for a simple scheme of black and red using the current branding of Maple Lane.


We have selected a grounded and simple sans-serif typeface for all the type on the design for a terse look. This font is web safe and will render correctly across all browsers and platforms.

Top & Main Navigation

The top of the website is optimized for ease of usability. This is where the main navigation is located to create a navigational hub for the whole site.

Call to Actions

One of the most important functions of the home page is to direct the user where to go. This is why much of this design is dedicated to this purpose. Actionable Items in the form of content boxes help to inform the user and entice them to explore the site further to create conversions.

Area Map

The map on the homepage is used to inform users where Maple Lane Landscape is located and help establish a local area for the company.