Gameday Connection

Below we have outlined many of the little details and all the thought that went in to Gameday's newsfeed page design.

Building a Community

Our goal with this design was to create a user interface that not only looks up to day but acts like it too. Using a panelled layout to separate content on the homepage, we give users a chance to explore Gameday Connections's message in an easy to digest way.


For this mock up we opted for a simple scheme of colbalt greys and bright greens. However, colour is very flexible and Geek Power would be happy to try some other colour schemes too. Colour can very drastically change the mood of a design, so we advise to consider it.


We have selected a grounded and simple sans-serif typeface for all the type on the design for a terse look. This font is web safe and will render correctly across all browsers and platforms.

The Responsive Advantage

A responsive design allows Gameday Connections's interface to be more accessible to their visitors. The design stretches and forms itself to every screen size, so that every user gets the best possible experience.


The Desktop version of the design is optimized for viewing on a laptop or a monitor. Every element of the design will become larger and more spread out or smaller and closer together depending on the specific size of the screen.


The tablet version of the design is similar to the desktop version, except that all the graphics get condensed to fit much better at the smaller resolution.


For mobile devices, all the content moves in to a one column layout so that all the images and text can remain large enough to be seen on a much smaller screen. Also many functionalities have been simplified for a touch interface, such as the main navigation.