Internet Marketing Questions

Internet Marketing Questions

What is a search engine?

A search engine is a website with a program that is dedicated to searching documents (i.e. web pages, which are HTML documents) for specified keywords and returns the list of documents. A search engine has 2 parts: a spider and an indexer. The spider is the program that fetches the documents, and the indexer reads the documents and creates an index based on words or ideas contained in each document.

What are keywords?

These are the words you expect a person to enter in a search to find your site. When a web "surfer" uses a search engine, they type "key words" into a form, and the search engine returns a list of web pages that match those keywords. A string of keyword is referred to as a "Key Phrase".

What is a Keyword Analysis?

Keyword analysis is the process of analyzing search engine data to find the best balance between the keywords and phrases that are relevant to your web site and the best potential competitive niche.

Will my site's Search Engine ranking always remain the same?

No. Search Engine rankings change constantly as new sites become indexed, old sites are removed and existing sites work to improve their position. The Search Engines frequently change their ranking algorithms which can also have a major impact. Maintaining and improving rankings can only be achieved through continuous, long-term, search engine optimization activity. This is why it is not always easy to determine whether guaranteed listings or search engine optimization will produce a better return on investment.