Web Hosting Questions

Web Hosting Questions

What is web hosting?

Web site hosting refers to the system used by which your web site is available to your potential visitors for viewing. Your web site is stored on a remote computer, called a server, with a direct connection to the internet. It is set up to deliver web pages when anyone attempts to link to your site via any computer connected to the internet world wide.

Should we host our company web site ourselves?

Although you can host your own web site it's often too expensive to do so effectively. It is usually more economical to pay a hosting company a nominal monthly fee. A good hosting company will have technicians available 24/7 that can quickly fix any problems that may arise thus mitigating costly down time.

Why are your hosting fees less expensive?

This is true. You will notice that other web designers will typically charge $200.00 to $400.00 to cover yearly hosting and domain registrar fees. There are several reasons for this.

Many web site designers build in their charge within their hosting fees. Hosting services are extremely competitive; we have taken the time to research which companies charge the least yet still deliver reliable and fast service.