March 21, 2014

GeekPower Launches Their New and Improved Website

The only downside of being professional web designs and developers is that you’re so busy working on others’ sites that you have no time to work on your own! This was definitely the case for us, as our last website was outdated and simply did not properly showcase the abilities GeekPower possesses. We were finally were able to launch our new site on Tuesday.

This new site has multiple improved features. The big one is that it is fully responsive, meaning it adjusts itself automatically both visually and usability wise to the size of the screen it’s being viewed on. This makes it much more accessible on mobile devices like tablets and smart phones. Go ahead and pull your browser window smaller to see the magic take effect!

This new site also features an easier to navigate and comprehensive portfolio page. Each one of our portfolio items has a page dedicated to it showcases it’s features and the details in the design. It also features a dynamic sorting system, so now our clients can filter through the items in our portfolio that directly relate to what they are looking for in their new website.

Besides these new features, the whole website has been overhauled. Not only is the overall design much cleaner and more professional, but the content has been completely updated to more clearly communicate the services we offer from web design and development to graphic design and custom programming.

This site took us months to complete, so we sure are glad to see it up! We welcome you to stay a while and explore .